The miracle of Lourdes is considered one of the world’s great wonders.

At the waters of Lourdes, the blind regain their sight. The deaf hear again. The crippled toss away their crutches and walk.

Six million people make a pilgrimage each year to France - in hope of a miracle from the wondrous Spring at Lourdes.

The question is, do these people get their wish for a miracle? my friend, you should know that even scientists and religious leaders say the answer may be yes.

Authorities from the world over have studied the miracles of the “holy waters” of Lourdes. And discovered the truth that the water of Lourdes create amazing miracles which defy reasoning.

Reports of these miracles have ranged from blind people being able to see when their optic organs were destroyed. Limb-torn war veterans “beyond hope” being healed back to perfect health… including a man with a steel plate in his head that simply vanished - the hole closing up completely - although doctors said this was “impossible”.

As you can see my friend, the miraculous WATER OF LOURDES could be responsible for the most powerful, astonishing miracles recorded in man’s history.

Now Here Is Wonderful News

I now have the famed Lourdes Medal - containing precious WATER OF LOURDES - reserved specifically for you, my friend.

This Our Lady of Lourdes Medal is plated in 14k silver. Inside this beautiful medal is a vial of water from the Spring of Miracles, Lourdes.

It is believed that your chances of experiencing a fully and rapidly healing miracle are enormously increased by having the Lourdes Medal in your possession!

This pictorial Holy Medal gracefully captures the FIRST scene where the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Lourdes appears to St. Bernadette. Truly a beautiful “Holy Charm.” (It can be worn around your neck as a pendant, if desired.)

But this Lourdes Medal is far more than a gorgeous inspiration for all to behold and admire — IT WILL ALSO RELEASE ITS HOLY POWERS UNTO YOU.

Because sealed within the back of the Lourdes Medal is sacred water from a very special Spring of Miracles in Lourdes. It is the very same Spring of OUR LADY Apparitions Grotto — exactly where so many reported miracles happened. The Lourdes Medal will add to your good health because it brings you the Holiest of Holy Waters… the same water revered for blessing people of all religions — all races — all backgrounds, with instant miracles.

The Story Of Lourdes Miracle Water Continues…

Throughout the ancient world rich people knew how to use certain water to bring themselves good health and well-being. The miracles of the ancient Roman spring at Jutera near the Nimicus River have been well-documented.

We know that in Denmark, the St Helena Spring, the holy well of Tisvilde in Denmark helped people with miracles since the 1600s. King Christian IV himself visited the St Helena Spring many times, in his rise to becoming the most renowned king of Denmark.

But wonderful as these springs were, they pale in comparison as neither of them has ever performed as many super powerful miracles as the amazing WATER OF LOURDES.

Lourdes Water Rated Tops In Miracle Power

Thousands of scientists have studied the miracles of Lourdes and there has been over 7,000 miracle cures have been confirmed by the world’s most conservative religious leaders.

And many of these miracles once declared “impossible” by doctors are now accepted by the scientific community, and carefully documented by the Medical Bureau of Lourdes.

Just look at some of the miracles that happened to people who had the Lourdes Water near them:

  • Catherine Latapie, from a small village in France, Loubajac, was the first person to be miraculously healed at Lourdes. She fell from a tree while pregnant. She was healed of paralysis in 1858. And on the same day she was cured, she gave birth to her baby boy.
    — This Miracle Cure was verified by Mgr Laurence, Bishop of Tarbes in 1862. 
  • Henriette Bressolles, from Nice, suffered from tuberculous, renal failure, and internal paralysis… and underwent numerous treatments for her increasingly severe and complicated ailments. On March 7, 1924, she was taken to visit Lourdes. After the visit, she felt a “painful crack” and within days was completely cured - and mobile.
    — This Miracle Cure was verified by Mgr Paul Remond, Archbishop of Nice in 1957. 
  • Jean-Pierre Bely, from France, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and his nervous system failed him over the next decade. He went from using a cane to a wheelchair to being completely bedridden. In October 1987, he made a rare departure from his bed for a pilgrimage to Lourdes. The day after his visit, he experienced a new sensation in his skin. He then slowly discovered then could move his arms—and, eventually, even walk.
    — This Miracle Cure was verified by the head of the Lourdes Medical Office, Dr. Patrick Theillier in 2002. 
  • Rose Martin, from Nice, was diagnosed with throat cancer, and two separate operations did little to treat her. By 1947, she was practically comatose.To take her to Lourdes, Rose’s family had to give her heavy doses of camphor and morphine just to make the trip bearable. It took three dips in the water for the anesthesia to wear off, and her disease appeared to wear off along with it. She felt a distinct improvement, and she began to move on her own power. On her return to Nice, doctors could find no trace of her illness.
    — This Miracle Cure was verified by National Medical Committee in 1949. 
  • Sister Marie Marguerite, from Rennes, was suffering from renal disease, angina, edema in her legs, and all of the accompanying pain. As her condition deteriorated, those caring for her replaced all of her medications with water from Lourdes. At the same time, the other sisters of her convent began nine days of prayer, known as a novena, to Our Lady of Lourdes for Sister Marguerite. On the last day of the novena, Sister Marguerite’s pain began to subside, and she completely recovered from her illnesses.
    — This Miracle Cure was verified by the Archbishop, Cardinal Roques in 1946. 
  • And many other such miraculous stories...

The water of Lourdes somehow bestows a positive “force” on people who are “down-and-out”... people who are in need of a miracle. There’s an unexplainable power in the Lourdes Water that does something to these people... That makes miracles happen!

Imagine What Could Happen If You Took Possession Of The Most Powerful Healing Symbol Ever: The Lourdes Medal with Healing Waters

It’s not just any symbol of Lourdes. This is the UNIQUE 14k silver plated Lourdes Medal… available only through this website.

A magnificent Lourdes Medal containing water drawn from the Healing Spring of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. Water that is sealed within silver-edged chambers.

A medal that holds a special replica of the very FIRST Lourdes Miracles, the apparition of OUR LADY. Truly a beautiful Holy Charm.

Once You Have This Authentic Lourdes Medal In Your Possession…

…Just picture its Eternal Light radiating directly upon YOUR life. YOUR health. And YOUR well-being.

Bear this in mind: Inside the beautiful Lourdes Medal is vial of water from the Spring of Miracles at Lourdes. This is the very same healing waters of Lourdes that have blessed and saved countless people through the centuries.

If You Can’t Go To Lourdes, France, Yet You Want A Miracle, This Is For You:

There are over 7,000 miraculous Lourdes cures that have been reported to the Lourdes Church... Not even mentioning the myriad of anecdotal cures that people attribute to having the water near them.

Yet not all of us have the luxury to go to Lourdes, where we would pray at the shrine or immerse ourselves in the water.

Does that mean some of us will be forsaken…? Forgotten? Excluded from receiving the wondrous blessings from the Spring of Lourdes?

No, my friend!

After experiencing it’s miraculous energies myself, this is something that I simply cannot allow to happen. It is my heart-felt desire to bring the powers of Lourdes from France to your home today!

That is why I want to send the Lourdes Medal to you at once… especially for those of you who want better health, but can’t get the time off work or can’t afford to travel to enjoy the blessings of the healing waters of Lourdes.

Certified 100% Authentic And Genuine Healing Waters Of Lourdes Inside Every Medal

Your Lourdes Medal comes with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting that the source of sealed Lourdes Medal is the Sacred Spring of Our Lady of Lourdes, France. This is the same water that has been used by thousands from all the world who have used it to rapidly experience miracles in their lives.

With your Lourdes Medal, you don’t have to go to Lourdes to get this healing water that has brought miracles to thousands — all you need to do is either wear or carry your Lourdes Medal. The healing waters of Lourdes is inside it.


So Here’s What You Must Do Immediately—

Yes, Maria!

I want my dreams to finally come true as I experience the wondrous healing energies from the Lourdes Medal that thousands have claimed to be true: relief from ailments, easing of pain, calming of my heart and soul... and a string of benefits that I never expected.

I accept this Gift from Heaven, that open the doors of Healing, Happiness, and Salvation.

It's mine. It is for me. I am among the lucky few that you have found, for whom this blessed Lourdes Medal is intended.

I answered "YES"!

So I accept the Lourdes Medal that has awaited me for so long. I want to turn my back on my difficulties, the daily hassles that plague my life and the pitfalls that prevent me from achieving my happy future.

I confirm that I want to receive the silver plated Lourdes Medal, complete with the Certificate of Authenticity and free shipping. This is your gift to me!

I do not want to refuse the blessing knocking at my door.

I understand that I am always protected by your Satisfaction Guarantee. If for any reason I decide not to keep my Lourdes Medal, I have a full 30 days from the date of purchase to return my medal and ask for a refund.

Maria, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support and friendship.

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Your friend and Angel Messenger,

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Lourdes Medal? What are the benefits?

This unique medal of Our Lady of Lourdes from France is designed with encapsulated water from the spring at Lourdes. It is the Spring of OUR LADY Apparitions Grotto — where so many reported miracles happened. The Lourdes Medal will add to your good health because it brings you the Holiest of Holy Waters… the same water famous for creating instant miracles for people of all religions — all races — all backgrounds.

2. What is the pictorial shown there?

This pictorial holy Medal captures the FIRST Lourdes Miracles of OUR LADY. This magnificent design has been hand sculpted my master die makers in the early 1900s. The true craftsmanship of these artisans is almost a lost art and can not be replicated at the present time.

3. Why is this sold higher than other Lourdes pendants?

Every Lourdes Medal made is the result of long, long hours of time and effort. Very carefully, water drawn from the Miraculous Spring of Our Lady of Lourdes, Frances, is entered into the magnificent chambers of the Lourdes Medal. Next, the chambers are rigidly sealed so wondrous Water of Lourdes can be forever preserved for you. With slow, painstaking effort a silver Lourdes medallion is then united with the chambers. Finally, skilled master craftsman do the final polishing touches and checks for quality.

The end achievement is a magnificent Lourdes Medal you will be proud to own. A wonderful keepsake that pours everlasting Light over you and your family. Forever blessing your offspring and heirs from generation to generation.

4. Can the Lourdes Water heal at home?

There are over 7,000 healings that have taken place outside of Lourdes. For instance, Sister Marie Marguerite’s miraculous cure didn’t happen at Lourdes, but only access to the water from Lourdes. There is strong evidence from around the world to show that the source of such miraculous healing could evidently be transported to your home.

5. How long can I wear the Lourdes Medal for my symptoms?

The Lourdes Medal contains 100% all-natural water from the Miraculous Spring at the Grotto. Even if your symptoms may lessen, you may continue to carry it with you at all times.

6. Is it safe to use the Lourdes Medal while on various treatments and medications?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to carry the Lourdes Medal as it has no harmful interactions. We highly recommend that you use it in conjunction with any other treatments or medications you may be using. The Lourdes Medal is not meant as a replacement. If you have any concerns, please speak to a medical professional.

7. I live outside the US. Do you ship to my country?

We are able to ship to most countries worldwide except South Africa, India and Thailand for free.

When placing your order, please select from the country list and ensure that you've given us your correct shipping address.

8. How do I order and pay for my Lourdes Medal?

You can purchase your Lourdes Medal with Paypal, credit, or debit card.

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